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General FAQ

Q. How can I watch the channels in the Cloudio TV box after I subscribe?

A. Connect the Cloudio TV to the internet, activate the box and the channels you subscribed will appeared automatically.

Q.Where can I buy the Cloudio TV box?

A. You can make an order via our website and also by calling us on +44 (0) 208 335 6777.

Q.What is the quality of channels?

A. Our channels have a variety of compressions and automatically adjust depending on your broadband speed. We are aiming to provide you the best quality available.

Q.How we can pay the subscription amount?

A. Customers can pay by Bank Debit/Credit Card online or PayPal.

Q.Is there any contract period for Cloudio TV subscription?

A. Some of our packages are monthly contract and some of them are for longer periods.

Q.Is there any installation process?

A. No installation is required for Cloudio TV, just connect the box to the internet either by a network cable or over Wi-Fi.

Q.Is there any special requirements for flats?

A. No, just connect the box to the internet, activate and you are ready to watch Cloudio TV content.

Q.Can I connect 2 televisions in my house?

A. Yes, however only 1 device can be linked with an account. Multiple accounts are required for watching on multiple devices at the same time.

Q.What happens if there is any video problem?

A. Cloudio TV is not responsible for bad broadband connectivity or poor Wifi reception. In case of a customer required an installer to come and attend any issues in respect of video problems, this can be organized if the installer’s call out charges is paid by the customer.

Q.How to advertise your products via any of the channels that are in Cloudio TV?

A. You can advertise all types of your products through our channels, contact Cloudio TV for more info at info@cloudiotv.com.